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Our Achievements
Innovation in Product Launches has been a major achievement for us at Kinedex. Diligent selection of molecules coupled with advanced and improved formulations have enabled Kinedex’s brand stand apart and earn a distinct name in their respective therapeutic categories. We have to our credit many ‘1st Time in India products' as well as many 'Unique Products', some of  which are listed below.
Kinedex’s ‘1st Time in India’ Products:
99% Pure Isabgol Husk Powder in special Effervescent formulation for constipation
Novel Dietary Supplement from Europe for benefit of Indian arthritic patients
Kinedex’s ‘Unique’ Product Launches:

Mikob-OD tablets
1500 mcg Methylcobalamin for greater convenience in Peripheral Neuropathy

Adcob-CF capsules
Haematinic with Adenosylcobalamin for superior efficacy in anemic patients

Solbiocal-DS tablet
Superior Calcium, viz., Calcium Citrate Malate with Vitamin D3 for added bone benefits

Solbiocal-OP tablet
Superior Vitamin-D Analog-Calcitriol in combination with Calcium Citrate Malate for Osteoporosis

Pantovel-D SR capsules
with advanced pellet technology for targeted dose and delivery in Peptic Ulcer Disease

Pantovel - I.V injection
Technologically superior, Lyophilized Powder for Better Stability and Efficacy in Acid Disorders in Hospital Care