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Kinedex Healthcare Private Limited is one of India’s young & upcoming pharmaceutical company. Backed by a history of launching and nurturing products with a ‘differential’, Kinedex has etched a bright track record over its decade-long operations in Northern and Western parts of India. For the future, Kinedex is geared with many more ‘Kinetically enhanced Products’ and ‘Lifestyle Products’ that can change the lives of many Indian patients for the better.
Some of highlights include:
Kinedex features amongst the foremost Pharmaceutical companies in India to offer the widest range of Cobalamin formulations, under its ‘Mikob’ & ‘Adcob’ range.
Kinedex also has prominent presence in the field of ‘Gastric acid suppressants’ with its ‘Rabot’, ‘Gelvel’ & ‘Pantovel’ range.
With its Unique Calcium Compound , Calcium Citrate Malate, the ‘Solbiocal’ range (Solbiocal-DS & Solbiocal-OP) from Kinedex has won wide appreciation from the Medical fraternity in the country.
Kinedex’s herbal range that is popularly recommended by the medical fraternity includes Laxovel (a herbal laxative) and Lactovel (a herbal galactagogue).
The launch of Rosiflex, a Unique Dietary Supplement for arthritic patients has also been a feather in Kinedex’s cap, due to its distinct actions & efficacy in pain relief.
All products from Kinedex are manufactured in state-of-art plants that are approved by the drug authorities of India. Commitment to Quality is a way of life at Kinedex.