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Kinedex’s Kinetically Enhanced Products
We at Kinedex, always strive to offer to our customers, products that ‘Deliver’ medicines to patients in a better manner for enhanced action, efficacy & safety. The following products bear testimony to our efforts in the direction of advanced formulation development & product re-engineering for better patient well-being.
The Special Pellet technology used in Pantovel-D SR
The pre-blended, pre-mixed Pellets used in Pantovel-D SR ensure targeted dose and delivery of the active drugs within the gastro-intestinal tract. Further due to pellet technology, there is no interaction between the two drugs in the product leading thereby to predictable and consistent release of medication for pronounced relief.
Lyophilized powder in Pantovel IV
The Lyophilized powder, i.e., freeze-dried powder, used in Pantovel IV ensures better stability of the product, an important factor in critical care in hospital settings where the product is used.
Rosehip powder from Europe in Rosiflex capsules
From Farm to Formulation, Quality Speaks
99% pure Isabgol in effervescent form in Laxovel
Kinedex has used technology to enhance the appeal and ease of use of Isabgol by formulating Laxovel distinctly. Laxovel offers 99% Isabgol husk whose particle size is controlled so that when suspended in water there is a uniform suspension with no clumping or cake formation at the bottom. Moreover, the tangy orange flavour and controlled effervescence improves palatability of the formulation, making it more acceptable to patients.