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Kinedex has a wide range of over 60 formulations catering to more than 10 therapeutic groups. We have products for acute as well as chronic conditions. Our range has a blend of modern medicine as well as a few choicest formulations of herbal medicines based on Ayurvedic principles. To meet day-to-day requirements of common illnesses we have a variety of products belonging to the Vitamins, Haematinics, Nutritional supplements, Pain killers, Cough preparations, Antibiotics and many more such segments. To cater to the needs of the growing population of the elderly in the country, we also have specific products like anti-osteoporotic therapy, nutritional supplement for arthritic patients, safe and pure laxatives, superior calcium preparations, etc. The distinction of Kinedex’s range lies in the right selection of molecules coupled with technological innovations to enhance their action, efficacy & safety.